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Dedman School of Hospitality / Academic Programs / Major in Hospitality Management / Work Experience Requirements

Work Experience Requirements


Work Experience Requirements

  1. General Description:
     HFT 4941: Work Experience
     Credit: 0
     Grading: S/U 
     This is a required class for all hospitality and PGM majors. Ideally, students will take this class their last semester. This class must be taken when the student has completed their 1,000 hours of satisfactory, acceptable work experience in the hospitality industry. Students cannot graduate without completing the work experience requirement.
  2. Purpose of Requirement:
    • To assure that students are acquainted with actual hospitality industry working conditions.
    • To supplement theoretical and academic subject matter with practical experience.
    • To guide students in selecting permanent employment upon graduation.
  3. Additional Information:

    At least 1000 hours of work experience must be completed at post-secondary level (up to 50% of the work experience may be completed before certification into the Hospitality program). Contact Alishia Piotrowski if you have questions related to this.

    Ideally, student must have at least one (1) semester remaining after completion of the work experience . Students can submit the work experience form at any time, and should not wait until their final (graduating) semester to submit proof of work experience.

  4. Acceptable Internship Work:

    Experience should be varied. To fulfill the 1000 hour work requirement, students are encouraged to work in more than one job with one company, unless they are increasing their level of responsibility. The best experience will involve different jobs and increasing responsibility.

    If there is any question as to the acceptability of the work for the work experience, the student should request clarification from the Director of Industry Relations, Ms. Alishia Piotrowski, prior to accepting the position.

    Examples of acceptable work in the Hospitality industry:

    • management trainee
    • front office position
    • night auditor
    • bell person
    • waiter/waitress/server/counter person at a restaurant
    • host/hostess
    • maitre d'hotel
    • bartender or beverage waiter/waitress
    • kitchen helper
    • pantry person
    • cook or assistant cook
    • steward or assistant steward
    • banquet captain
    • catering/banquet sales
    •  convention and event planning/management for private clubs, hotels, associations, corporations, weddings, etc...

    Examples of unacceptable work in the Hospitality industry:

    • lifeguard or pool manager
    • accounting work outside the Hospitality industry
    • construction work
    • landscape architecture work
    • position in fraternity/sorority house
    • position in retail grocery/butcher shop
    • retail store clerk
    • entertainer
    • parking attendant
    • Dormitory manager, apartment manager or similar position
    • Leasing Consultant at dormitory or apartment complex
    • ice cream shop (May count up to 100 hours)
    • sub-sandwich shop (May count up to 100 hours)
    • counter service at a bakery, cookie store, or other retail food establishment
    • administrative/secretarial work
  5. Management Internship (HFT 3941):
     Management internships (HFT 3941) are often used by students to gain the required work experience hours. For more information, please contact Alishia Piotrowski at or (850) 644-8245.
  6. Faculty Responsibilities:
    • Discuss requirements with students.
    • Review performance reports from employers.
    • Provide student with information and assistance concerning jobs.
    • May contact employers to verify work experience hours and performance.
    • Coordinate classroom meeting to discuss work experience.
    • Grade industry experience reports.
  7. Student responsibilities:



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