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PGM - Golfers

PGM - Golfers

Dedman School of Hospitality / Academic Programs / Major in Hospitality Management / Hospitality Facilities

Hospitality Facilities

Dedman School of Hospitality Facilities

The Hospitality Management Program is housed in the 2nd, 4th and 5th floors of University Center Building B at The Florida State University stadium, and includes:

  • four mutli-media classrooms (2nd floor)
  • a technology center for student use (2nd floor)
  • the International Center for Hospitality Research & Development (ICHRD) (2nd floor)
  • faculty and staff offices (4th floor)
  • six interviewing offices (4th floor)
  • a conference room(4th floor)
  • a Food & Beverage Laboratory (5th floor)


 In addition, we share University Center Building B with our partners the University Center Club, whose facilities include:

  • a full kitchen (2nd floor)
  • an 8000 sq. ft. ballroom (3rd floor)
  • six private dining rooms (5th & 6th floor)
  • two outdoor terraces (6th floor)
  • a private club & grill (6th floor)




Major in Hospitality Management