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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Florida State?

A: As a major research university, Florida State University is home to numerous programs of research and scholarship that are considered among the best in the world in their fields. Many members of the faculty are considered the preeminent experts in their areas. Among these leading faculty members are two Nobel Laureates and two Pulitzer Prize winners. FSU's faculty has an overriding interest in helping the university's students-and especially its undergraduates-learn and achieve in the institution's classrooms, research laboratories, theaters and studios. From the university's research laboratories to its performance halls and galleries, FSU is a great place to learn and achieve.

Q: Why choose the Dedman School of Hospitality at Florida State?

A: The Dedman School of Hospitality is part of the College of Business, ranked 24th among undergraduate business schools in the country by U.S News & World Report and accredited by the AACSB. Based on input from industry representatives, this strong business component of the program is what attracts companies to our students. We are proud of our consistent 100% placement record. Our school is held in high esteem by national industry executives. Why? Since 1947 we have offered our students an education that not only learns from the past, but also builds upon past and present industry knowledge to pioneer the future.

Florida State University's Dedman School of Hospitality is the ideal place to prepare for a multitude of opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. Tourism is the number one industry in the State of Florida, and last year Florida hosted more than 84 million visitors, creating more than $62 billion in hospitality/tourism sales. This is an ideal environment for learning about hospitality and tourism management.

Q: What exactly is the hospitality industry?

A: The hospitality industry is composed of many different facets that focus upon providing services for many different types of consumers. Any of these components can lead to rewarding management careers for our graduates. Some representative categories directly related to hospitality management include:

  • Transportation: Cruise; auto, airline, motor coach and recreational vehicles.
  • Facilities & Services: Hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, vacation ownership, condominiums, and recreational amenities.
  • Communications: Public Relations, marketing, advertising, association management.

Q: Describe the curriculum.

A: The curriculum is designed so that students must meet high standards of achievement in:

  • general education
  • specialized knowledge needed for their hospitality industry
  • basic functions, objectives, and tools of management common to executive roles

The curriculum is comprehensive and rigorous, combining the best our College of Business has to offer with solid hospitality management principles. We emphasize analytical tools, processes, systems, and problem solving approaches to the industry. We also understand the key to success in hospitality management is centered on the 'human' element, as well as high quality service and financial success. Our faculty are as equally committed to fostering individual personal growth through educational experience as they as they are to preparing you for success in the hospitality industry. To see a sample course schedule, click on the Academic Map on the left.

Q: Is there an internship experience requirement?

A: Hospitality Management and PGM majors must complete one thousand (1,000) clock hours of satisfactory, verifiable internship experience in the hospitality industry. The one thousand hours of internship experience must be completed prior to graduation, with the last 500 of these hours completed while the student is enrolled at FSU. Students must register for HFT 4941 in the same semester they register for HFT 3224. For more information, click on the following link: Internship Requirements

Q: Do you offer international programs in hospitality management?

A: Yes, we do. We offer a five-week summer program based in Leysin, Switzerland. The classes focus on travel & tourism, food, wine, & culture, and managing service operations. For more information: Summer Study Program in Europe -- Leysin, Switzerland. Other programs that offer business courses include China, England, Costa Rica, Panama, and Spain. For a complete list of programs, visit the International Programs website.

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