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FSU - PGM Golfer

FSU - PGM Golfer

Dedman School of Hospitality / Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Major in Hospitality Management

The Dedman School of Hospitality Offers a Bachelors of Science in Hospitality Management. The Dedman School is the ideal place to prepare for a multitude of opportunities in the hospitality and tourism industry. The hospitality industry is composed of many different facets that focus upon providing services for many different types of consumers. Any of these components can lead to rewarding management careers for our graduates. Some representative categories directly related to hospitality management include:

  • Transportation: Cruise; auto, airline, motor coach and recreational vehicles.
  • Facilities & Services: Hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, vacation ownership, condominiums, and recreational amenities.
  • Communications: Public Relations, marketing, advertising, association management.

Minor in Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management minor offers students the opportunity to select a program of study that examines the many facets of the hospitality industry. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to experience basic hospitality & tourism, management of a service organization, international wine, food, travel and culture, events management, club management etc.

Major in Professional Golf Management

Florida State University's Professional Golf Management major may be the beginning to a rewarding career in the golfing industry. FSU's PGM curriculum is one of only 20 PGA accredited programs in the country that graduate PGA Class A Golf Professionals. Florida State's program is unique in that it's the only program that combines curriculum from the nationally ranked Dedman School of Hospitality.